If you already know what kind of a video you want - just let us know, and we’ll help you decide on the details of the production. If you’re still not sure what will best suit your needs, don’t worry - together we will work out the best concept for you.

Advertising and promotional videos.

TV spot, Web, YouTube or Facebook video - it has to be appealing, interesting, original and short - no problem, consider it done!

Corporate and Public Relations Videos

Are you looking for new employees or wanting to promote the image of your company in the market? We’ll produce a video that your future employees or client will see

Event videos

Conference, premiere or a gala - we will make a dynamic and modern video that’s going to represent well the atmosphere of the event - it’ll make everyone want to be there next time


Witek Dajek, producer

Video should be made to your expectations, but also the budget. We have someone who always manages to bring together these seemingly conflicting expectations. Call or write Witek and he will prepare for you an individual movie production offer.

Witek Dajek

+48 691 820 575